Sky Douglas (orangefreek) wrote,
Sky Douglas

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I almost hit a sunk today. He looked up with his big cute eyes then wabbled for his life

lil' update.. Check the pictures I cut my long ass hair and made it ugly check it out..

Before before...
Image hosted by
sorry i just like this picture
Before the cut...
Image hosted by
Ew Häagen Dazs
Image hosted by
Omg you did not see that Sorry Ben and Jerry.
Image hosted by
Diet Coke makes me horny
Image hosted by
I'm so sad I look like a boy
Image hosted by
Maybe not.. It's growing on me
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
I was in a sailor moon mood *shrug*:o/
You know you wanna do my 6 dollar spongebob earings
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
No need to resize thoughs... I love my pillow case...
So tell me what you think about my hair... Its actualy little bit lighter now... Sara redied the blonde today... Kenny thinks it should still be lighter but eh...
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